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At TheraPanacea, an award-winning medical technology company created in 2017, we are harnessing AI to develop cutting-edge software for more efficient and precise cancer care. We offer pioneering holistic approaches for cancer research and treatment based on a multi-scale integration of medicine, information theory, data curation and computational medicine. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of patients undergoing radiation therapy by enabling health care providers to design smarter treatment plans, work more efficiently, and reduce toxic side effects. TheraPanacea’s ART-Plan™is an AI powered software suite delivering high-precision radiotherapy, benefiting patients and medical teams alike. ART-Plan™ was tailored to fit in your RT workflow to:

  • automatize time-consuming treatment planning and optimize human resources
  • streamline and standardize treatment planning workflow
  • potentially improve outcomes for current/future patients

Portfolio der Leistungen

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Annotate ART-Plan™’s Annotate is an AI-powered, CE-marked and FDA-cleared software that provides zero-click, automatic delineation of more than 200 organs at risk (OARs) and lymph nodes with the same accuracy of clinical experts in a matter of minutes, up to 93% reduction of manual tasks involved in the contouring process of OARs.

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SmartFuse Discover SmartFuse, the first AI-powered software for high-precision rigid and elastic fusion, that includes the management of 4D-CT and a real-time deformation of contours for faster replanning. Thanks to its unique multi-metric similarity framework, SmartFuse guarantees high-precision alignment between scans from different imaging modalities regardless of the clinical case complexity. Intuitive and smart validation tools allow you to verify the resulting fusion.

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MR-Box MR-Box by ART-Plan™ is an AI-powered, CE-marked and FDA-cleared software that provides one-click synthetic-CT images with organs-at-risk delineations from standard MR images for improved and more efficient radiotherapy planning workflow.

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AdaptBox ART-Plan™’s AdaptBox is an AI-powered software that provides one-click augmented CBCT images with organs-at-risk delineations for improved and more efficient adaptive radiotherapy workflow.

  • AI-based augmented daily CBCT images generation
  • Dose calculation on augmented CBCT images for daily dose tracking
  • Use of Annotate and SmartFuse on the generated augmented CBCT
  • Tracking daily delivered dose to evaluate the actual delivered dose to the patient
  • Help in the replanning decision making process
  • Plug and play solution compatible with all TPS and Linac providers


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